How big is Snapchat?

Siutan Wong's Homework 19

I saw this popular visualization work on reddit recently. There are a few reasons why I like it: First, it is very colorful and functional, and you can scroll up and down to see the information in differnt charts and formats. Second, the blinking snap ghosts give me a sense how fast the snapchat data grows. Thrid, I like how it compare the user activities on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. It surprised me that there are actually more people share pictures on Snapchat than on Facebook.

The main part of this viz work was built just in html. As you can see, the text boxes on the web page were just divs.

Screenshot of Snapchat viz work's source code:

The JavaScript code in this viz work looks like some coordinates...Does it control the flow of the animation?

How were the animation of the photo sharing circles made?

The skrollr plugin add the scrolling effect to the website.

Without the scrolling feature, it is just a very very long html page: